2005-04-02 - 9:12 a.m.

Since I have last written we have found out that Nate's hearing is fine, had a first birthday, Nate has his first black eye, had his second Easter, we had to put our sweetie pie cat Coolio to sleep, and I spent a six hour luxury treatment at the spa with my Sister-In-Law Phyllis that included a facial, a massage, a manicure, and a pedicure. It has been busy in our household to say the least.

First, Nate's hearing. After getting put on hold again and again from Children's hospital due to their understaffing we decided to go to U of M instead. Again, we had a wonderful experience (which makes me question my allegiance to Beaumont). They didn't do an ABR- the doctor performed other tests instead. She said that he was now too old for an ABR (unless they could tell something was wrong during the other tests). She said he was fine and if we wanted to get him retested in a year if we are still concerned. What a load off of my mind! I was still very angry with the original lab technician who performed the original test telling us that Nate's hearing might result in him having to go to a "special" school- but this whole year has given us many lessons.

We learned that no matter how bad we have it- someone has it worse. In our trips to different doctors and hospitals we saw many, many sick children. It made our little hearing loss problem seem so insignificant in comparison. We also learned that we need to follow Nate's gifts and not our own when raising him. Of course, I wanted to teach him French and Dan wanted to teach him music. The hearing issue affected us both. It was then that we realized all of the great things Nate can do without pushing our own interests on him. I wonder why God decided to send us this teaching so early in Nate's life. But we are listening and I am sure to still learn many things from the experience. One overriding lesson-- get a second opinion and follow what your gut says and not justt one test!

So Nate has his first birthday party with family and friends around us. It was very nice. Nate was a little spooked by all of the people in his house and the noise level (his two very loud and rambuncious cousins were there). I made two cakes- one for the guests and one just Nate. I am so proud of those cakes. They are the first one's that I have been truly happy with-- probably because I put so much love into them! He got lots of toys and clothes and even two of his friends came- Ian and Xavier. But the thing he liked the most were the balloons!

He had a black eye for his first birthday- a result of tripping and falling into the footstool. Whoops! On Easter he tripped and fell into Grandma and Grandpa Moo's brick fireplace- ouch- and cut his other eyebrow. He got his first year pictures taken and he looks like he was in a fight!

We put Coolio to sleep on Tuesday. He was diagnosed with feline diabetes which wasn't such a surprise since he had been overweight his entire life (Dan got him that way). He went peacefully, still purring while he got his injection. He was such a cool cat- the most friendliest I have ever known. We all miss him- especially Mocha and Cougar.

Yesterday Phyllis and I went to the spa and had a day of beauty. It was so wonderful. My nails are so pretty and I still feel all slick from the message. It was a gift from Mom for Christmas. I just liked spending a day with Phyllis- something after all of these years I have never done. I hope we are able to do it again soon.

So, the days fly by. It is amazing to think Nate is a year old. It only seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and he was just this little bundle of blankets. Phew. I just need to catch my breath.