2005-02-23 - 8:55 p.m.

My little lima bean is growing up so fast. He will be 11 months on Saturday. It seems so hard to believe that I was pregnant and miserable at this time last year--and never had changed a diaper in my life! Now we have this little person who is walking and talking and playing from the minute he opens his eyes until he falls asleep from exhaustion.

Here are a few recent pics of Nate. First is his visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts. He already has shown a liking for Islamic Art (shiny) and the Diego Rivera (big).

After the DIA we went to Mexican Town. He was a perfect gentleman.

Here it looks like he is thinking of saying something--of course he is just pulling at his ear which he does constantly because of the popping the tubes in his ears make (or so they say).

He loves his ball he got from Cassie. He loved it so much it deflated! And now we can't find abother one!

Don't you remember when bubbles were so much fun?!!!

Okay- this is why our cat Coolio is so fat and has wicked gas. . .